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Why Choose Mogollon Treatment Center?

Mogollon Treatment Center is a great option for anyone struggling to break the chains of addiction in Payson, Arizona. Our evidence-based treatment program, combined with passionate employees, in an up-scale, remote facility helps clients be successful. Being up in Payson away from the big city, helps clients fight the overwhelming urge to leave treatment. It is no longer a five-minute walk to the closest bus stop when you are in the mountains.

The experience you and your loved ones will have dealing with Mogollon Treatment Center will be unlike anything you have every experienced.
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What Sets Us Apart?

Offering a location out of the city away from local influences that make it very hard to be successful through the withdrawals of Fentanyl.
Offering an unmatched client to staff ratio allows for greater individualized care.
Offering the latest proven forms of drug rehab treatment programs including the use Vivitrol.
Each addiction treatment program is designed around the unique individual, allowing for custom care.
Our substance abuse treatments are medically supervised and tailored to each individual’s unique addiction.
"This place truly saved my life. I can say with 110% certainty that I would never recommend any other detox. They catered in every meal, we all got a personal tablet to use while there, and they keep house cigarettes for hourly smoke breaks. All tablets have Netflix, Hulu, Music, & Amazon TV! All the TV’s have the same programs on them. There were unlimited capris suns, healthy snacks like trail mix, fruit, etc. There was XBOX’s for the people that played games in the smaller theatre room. The groups were AMAZING, the staff doesn’t bug you if you are hurting like other places I have been to in the past. I feel like aside from all the amenities the staff was my favorite part. Ali was my absolute favorite, but Robby, Dustin, Steve, Kaylee, the short night nurse, and pretty much everyone else were a close second. I have never written a review on anything in my life. I felt like I would be doing a dis service to everyone struggling with addiction if I didn’t leave this review. I went to so many other places and could never get clean because I was too close to the wrong people anywhere in the valley and then my mom found this place. Trust me, this is the place to go if you need to get away from the city streets like I did." - Avery P.
"My mom really needed help, and we were exhausted and out of options. Then we were referred to this place through a family friend that we had known from the rodeo world. They went out of their way to help her feel good when we got there, even though she wasn't being the nicest. From the beginning to the end we doubted she would even stick it out. She did, and we could barely get her to leave when she was done. She loves the people at this facility!" - Tyler A.
My son Jamal was experiencing severe depression after the loss of his brother to COVID-19. He experimented with opioids to numb the pain, and then he went off the deep end. When I dropped off my son the lights in his eyes were on but no one was home. When I picked him up all the staff was outside to see him off, and he talked about his stay for the whole ride home! - Leonard H.
As a case manager for an addiction center in the valley I refer many patients to Mogollon Treatment Center for detox. The patients are always raving about how comfortable the facility is, and how great the staff members are. It can be very difficult to get people through the first step of treatment (detox) because of the temptation to go use during the physical withdrawals. If this is the story of your life, or a loved one, get them away from the city! - Agnes O.

Facilities & Amenities

When you’re working to bring sobriety back to your life, you want to start that recovery with the best plan for lifetime success. Inpatient rehab programs can give you targeted rehabilitative care that you may not be able to access otherwise. Mogollon Treatment Center's goal for you is to facilitate healing and recovery from the inside out. We want your recovery in to be for your lifetime. Our inpatient rehabilitation treatment program gives you a safe and nurturing environment to tackle the issues and develop the skills you need to do so.

AHCCCS Plans We Accept


Mogollon Treatment Center is passionate about bringing healing to clients who are suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse, past or current trauma, severe life stressors, mental health issues, legal matters, or other grievances. Our licensed clinical team administers evidence-based mental health and physical health assessments to determine the appropriate level of care for each client. The client is then placed in the level of care that will best support their recovery. Mogollon Treatment Center provides a variety of treatment services, all tailored to help clients reach their maximum potential. Our goal is to help introduce a new healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable lifestyle.

Trusted Specialists

Your impression of MTC is shaped by each team member you meet. That’s why we place top priority on recruiting and retaining the best employees in the industry. Get to know our talented leadership team, and you will find the key to our success. Our providers will go above and beyond designing an effective care plan that you are excited for!


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