We accept the following AHCCCS plans: 

  • American Indian Health Plan
  • Care 1st
  • Mercy Care
  • United Healthcare
  • Arizona Complete Health
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

We have about 30 different comfort medications that we use ranging from Hydroxyzine to Methocarbamol. The taper medications will depend on what the client is detoxing from. We use Buprenorphine tapers & Suboxone tapers for opioids, Ativan & Clonazepam tapers for alcohol, Phenobarbital tapers for certain things and more. It all depends on what substance the client is getting off. If you have more questions call the facility at (928)466-4242

Yes, but your insurance does as well!

Mercy Care Transport: 1(800)624-3879 mon-fri 7am-6pm

Mercy Care Transport: 1(800)564-5465 mon-fri 7am-6pm

Care1st Transport: (602)778-1800 or 1(866)560-4042 mon-fri 24/7

Arizona Complete Health Transport: 1(888)788-4408 mon-fri 8am-5pm


We allow smoke breaks every two hours with staff supervision. We provide house cigarettes, or you can bring your own if the pack is sealed.

If the couple is committed we are not against the possibility.

  • Clean Clothes
  • Insurance Card
  • Some form of ID

Detox is a relatively short stay of 5-10 days. We say if you are going to pack a bag, pack how you would for a 5 day stay at your friend's house. We provide all of the food, toiletries, etc.

No, but we do allow clients to call family from our phone after the "36 hour blackout" period.

Yes, we are but Males and Females sleep in separate rooms, no exceptions!

We give you many different options and let you choose from them! We want to send you somewhere that fits your needs and personality type so you are comfortable!

Helping the community overcome addiction through empathy and emotional empowerment.


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